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About us


Our company which was founded in 2004 in Esenler province of Istanbul, has been serving to the European side of Istanbul till 2011 and today continues its services in the vicinity of Istanbul anatolia. Thanks to its experienced staff, it analyzes all pest species and provides the most accurate intervention. Bio-Active Medication Services, which has chosen to be the most important target to provide quality service by its first day, offers high quality living spaces by fighting the most hygienic methods with walking beings, flying pests, rodents and reptiles that can be almost everywhere. Following up all developing and developing Pest Control methods, Bio-Active pesticide services keep itself updated unconditionally. We act in line with the directives of the Ministry of Health public health management and ensure that 100% customer satisfaction is ensured by applying methods that will not affect the non-target organisms such as human health, pet health and plants ... We guarantee all the fields we apply as Bio-Active medication services. we are working to become one of the leading companies in the sector.

For many years we have been operating in Istanbul's cities. Our company, operating in all the districts and districts of Istanbul, is one step ahead of its competitors at the most economical prices. Bio-Active insecticide, which serves with the same prices in all districts, always keeps customer satisfaction on the front line.

Our company (WHO) is a licensed company serving according to the conditions prescribed by the World Health Organization. We have been providing services in the sector for many years with our corporate identity, conditions suitable for human and environmental health.

Guaranteed and Quality Service

Our trained and experienced technicians serve your living space on the right conditions. The size of the area where you will make the application deliberately prepares and applies the medicines according to the insect species. Our technicians who know that different medicines affect pests and rodents have been trained in all the trainings prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Our pesticide staffs do their work properly and serve as customer satisfaction oriented. Our medicines, which have been prepared through the control of agricultural engineers, have been approved by the Ministry of Health. As a Bio-Active insect pesticide company, we are aware that pesticides are directly related to human health and we continue our work on these principles.

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