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Our quality policy



BİO-ACTIVE KASE KONTROL İLACLAMA SERVICES, Insect spraying sector with 100% customer satisfaction with a quality service understanding aims to serve. "Barrier effect and permanent solutions ... with our guaranteed reliable services! We come in they go "

Bio-Active treatment services

100% Satisfaction Surveillance of our Company

Highest customer satisfaction ...


24/7 support call center and medication service.
We are well aware that the slogan of solution parallel to this is always effective.
We permanently solve the living pest problem with the most effective products and methods.
We respect each customer's right to receive quality service.
We keep human health at the top level when we lift the pest problem.

To ensure the highest customer satisfaction and to be the first company that comes to mind, we will work with our full performance to ensure that our Clients have problems such as insects and mice when it comes to "PIONE-ACTIVE INSECT DRUGS SERVICES".

When presenting our services and products;


We aim to offer the most accurate service to all our customers, at the right time, at the most appropriate price and most effective product and service.
We give our customers the most accurate information that will help them determine the exact pest problem and make the best decision for them.
We know the technical questions that our customers will be forgotten, we give complete and complete procedures before and after.
We always prioritize products and services that fully meet the needs and provide long-term satisfaction.
We do not sell more products and services than our customers need.

The opinions of our customers;


We know that our clients have the right to communicate relevant complaints to the service they receive and we respect these rights.
We accept every complaint as a gift, evaluate the occurrence of these complaints as best as possible, and we will take all the effort and effort from you to ensure that it does not occur again.
We do not expect extra requests for products and methods that will solve the pest problems most effectively.
We keep our promise of guarantee and we determine our free service according to our customers' suitability. We have the promise given.
We are primarily concerned with the opinions and complaints of our customers.
We follow the opinions and complaints closely and make sure that the opinions and complaints are resolved.
We will act immediately to find out who is complaining of the complaint and what the reason for the complaint is.
We know that whatever the reason, we should take refuge in certain excuses and take the necessary lessons in ourselves, not the one at first.
Our corporate values;


It is our main principles to maintain this reputation permanently to protect our attitudes and behaviors in order to earn respect by our customers.
We do not have bad comments about competing companies that only look at what we need to do.
The team will provide information and services that will keep you informed of all the team that will continue in your work.
Accurate and timely information;


We will not benefit from the weaknesses of our customers, we will not give any incomplete or incorrect information to our customers for profit.
We care about sharing our quality and service understanding with our customers.
Careful and attentive approach

Bio-Active Pest Control Services ...

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