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Regulation on Procedures and Principles of Medicines Against Pests in the Field of Public Health Ministry of Health

Official Gazette Date: 27/01/2005

Official Newspaper Number: 25709


Methods of combating insects and rodents are public health services. For a healthy, permanent and definite pest and rodent struggle; it is necessary to look for reliability and guarantee as well as information on professionalism and experience in insect science, insecticide knowledge, insect biology, drug application techniques and health effects in the field of public health. These qualifications can only be given by organizations that have experience in the field of public health


Article 1 - This Regulation covers the working principles and principles of workplaces belonging to natural and legal persons who want to combat insectsicides, rodenticides and molluscicides against the harmful effects of public health and well-being and the protection of public health by determining the rules and procedures of the official institutions and organizations It was prepared.


Article 2 - This Regulation covers the methods and conditions of obtaining permission, working procedures and principles, inspections and working personnel of real and legal persons and their establishments and official institutions and organizations who want to combat the harmfulness by using insecticide, rodenticide and molluscicide in public health area .


Article 3 - This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of Article 43 of the Decree Law No. 181 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health.


Article 4 - In this Regulation;

Ministry: Ministry of Health,

Directorate: Provincial Health Directorate,

Health organization: The Ministry of Health provides central and provincial service units,

Public health area: Home, hotel, school, hospital, workplace, plant, factory-like; human settlements and work places such as food, drink, fun and sports, and physical spaces and environment related to everyday life,

Harmful organism: To humans, to human activities, or to products that people use or produce; any organism that has unwanted or harmful effects on animals,

Biocidal product: a harmless substance which contains one or more active substances, which is present in ready-to-use form, which has a controlling effect on any target organism in terms of chemical or biological, or which restricts its activity,

Insecticide: The biocidal product used in the insect challenge,

Rodenticide: Biocidal products used to control mice, rats and other rodents,

Molluscicide: Biocidal products used to control molluscs such as slugs,

Repellent: Biocidal products used to remove vertebrate harmful organisms such as fleas, invertebrates and poultry, including those directly or indirectly intended for human animal hygiene,

Drug: Insecticide used in the field of public health, rodenticide and molluscicide made harmful struggle,

Tools and devices: All kinds of tools, vehicles and machines, including motor vehicles, non-motorized, fixed or mobile, including the means of transport used in medicine, and the materials necessary for their operation,

Equipment: Water containers used for drug preparation and medicines include protective preparations such as drug preparation containers, drug transport containers, water pipes, tents, covers, protective clothing, masks, rubber or rubber gloves,

Permission: The certificate issued against those who want to combat harmful insecticide, rodenticide, molluscicide and similar substances,


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