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Product Code : 03.05.2018

CATEGORY : Istanbul spraying

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Ümraniye is a company that applies insecticide, insecticide spraying work with a healthy work and has the duty of having all the documents. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health as well as applied by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ümraniye provides insecticide, insecticide, educated and specialized staff with 24/7 pharmacy service, showing the necessary dedication to human health and taking the necessary precautions for possible negative consequences. Umraniye spraying ensures that all your requirements are fulfilled so that your pets will not be harmed in adverse conditions as well as human health. Ümraniye has insecticides in a wide area such as insecticides, houses, apartments, parks, gardens, food production centers, open and closed areas, hospitals and transport vehicles.

Ümraniye Böcek İlaçlama
As Ümraniye disinfection service, we take care not to use medicines created with chemicals which are harmful to human health, having the necessary authorization documents.

Ümraniye is attracting attention as a region with various alternatives when considering the prices of medicines. But this can often be disadvantageous. Because, when places with cheap spraying work are preferred, the result is often frustrating. Even harmful organisms, which are affected by chemical hormones in the fields where they are sprayed, have a much faster reproductive ability. For this reason, you have to make a good decision when you have the spraying work done. Our company takes care to apply all health conditions both economically as well as insect pest control work.

Effective Umraniye Bug Pesticide
Especially in recent years, the observed increase in diseases caused by microbes on pests and on them has led to a much better understanding of the theme of medicine.The pests, which cause many diseases to arise, pave the way for a great discomfort all over the country. Our company, which is sensitive to this situation, carries out its applications by considering all sensitivities.

Ümraniye as insecticide service; Atakent Neighborhood, Çakmak Neighborhood, Atatürk Neighborhood, we do insecticide spraying on all the neighborhoods and communities. Hammam insect repellent, ear puncture repellent, mosquito repellent repellent together with all kinds of insects, insects and rodent species, we are carrying out appropriate studies.


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